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Maison de Maitre France

La Résidence is a UK-based French property agency. The team at La Résidence have been helping people find their dream home in France for over 25 years. Whatever your budget, wherever you’re looking, you’re now in touch with the experts.

We’re here to help you every step of the way, from your very first enquiry right up until you’re comfortably settled in your new home.

Stephen Hilton heads up the Oxford-based team. He was formerly a member of the British Diplomatic Service. Following a successful career, which included a number of overseas postings and culminated in his appointment in the Foreign Office as First Secretary with responsibility for Anglo/French relations, Stephen joined the family property business as a Partner.

It was from this base that La Résidence was founded in 1985. Since that time, the firm has gone from strength to strength and La Résidence is now widely regarded as one of the most respected French property companies in the UK, whose opinions are regularly canvassed by property correspondents commenting on the French market.

Having himself owned a house in France for many years, he has much personal experience to add to his professional expertise. Together with his French colleagues, he has successfully arranged and overseen many hundreds of transactions, and it is now rare for him to come across a situation not previously encountered.

Dominic is the Sales Director for La Résidence. He graduated from Leeds with a joint honours degree in French and Italian. He has lived, studied and worked in France and his family currently owns a property in the Dordogne. Whether you are buying or selling you will probably speak to Dominic at some stage in the negotiations.

Rebecca heads up the marketing team. With a strong background in digital marketing and advertising she has the perfect credentials to ensure La Résidence has a comprehensive and targeted online presence.

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