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As the politicians prepare to launch their EU in/out campaigns in April, there is of course speculation about the effect a UK exit from the EU could have on owning a property in France. 

Who thought the great french classic, the cheese fondue, needed adapting for the British palate?

Avocado and Wensleydale Fondue

 Be it a medieval city apartment, a riverside cottage or a quiet rural retreat, a low-maintenance pied-à-terre in France can come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve short-listed a selection of lock-up-and-leave properties where you simply turn off the stop-cock and lock the door.  Then, when you return, open the shutters and you’re back up and running straight out to the local market for a coffee and some fresh supplies for lunch:



Escaping the office and enjoying long, leisurely weekends in the Dordogne just got that bit easier.  Launching in May, a new British Airways flight route mean you can fly from London City Airport to Bergerac, and be back at the office on Monday morning.










Autumn has well and truly arrived.

Venison, boar, cassoulet and boeuf bourguignon are back on the menu.  

Time to make sure the wood store is in good order...........

Followed by a much deserved large measure of Armagnac of course

Wood Store!

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