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This week President Holland was the first EU leader to publicly guarantee the future of expat Britons in an EU country.


The good news is that if you're suffering from the 'Post Brexit Blues' then we have a fast-acting and effective cure! The climate, lifestyle and abundance of affordable property are scientifically proven to treat even the most severe cases of PBB! 


Joking aside, we've been fielding lots of questions over the course of the past week asking about the implications of a Brexit, so here's our take on the situation. 


The Magical Manche

Keeping in touch easily with family and friends in the UK is an important consideration for many people moving or retiring to France, so choosing to buy just across the Channel could be the answer. Even if you're looking for a second home or holiday bolt-hole, quick and easy access from the UK has many benefits.

Obtaining Planning Permission for Properties in France

Converting outbuildings or building new extensions can be a very attractive and lucrative option for many home owners in France.  Planning permission can be obtained but there are a few points to consider in order to comply with regulations.  We have listed the main considerations to help you if you are considering a rebuild or conversion.

Occupying about a third of the French coastline, with soaring cliffs, tiny rugged bays and vast swathes of sandy beaches, Brittany is a region defined by its shores.  Along with the ruggedness and ancient traditions of the Finistère peninsula, classic fishing villages offer wonderful seafood straight off the boat and life here slows down a few gears.....

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